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Tulip - Tapestry/Darning Needles


Tulip Tapestry needles come with a case. The needles are made of nickel-plated steel, with a big eye designed to thread yarn. Perfectly suited for binding-off or sewing pieces together.

Set of four needles - Thickness/ Length/ Qty.


Assorted Thick Sizes for Yarn:

#13 - 2.40 x 70.0mm / 1pc.

#14 - 2.10 x 65.0mm / 1pc.

#15 - 1.81 x 60.0mm / 1pc.

#16 - 1.60 x 60.0mm / 1pc.


Tulip needles are made in Hiroshima Japan with high quality polished steel. They have distinctive features like.

Made in Japan - These safe and high quality steel needles are produced at Tulip’s own factory in Hiroshima. The “Made in Hiroshima” label is proof of a high-quality needle that is rooted in Hiroshima’s history and traditional needle-making techniques. 
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