Shades of Red - Natural Dye Kit for Cotton & Linen (Cellulose Fibres)


Maiwa’s Shades of Red Kit includes the essentials for discovering the world of natural dye reds on cellulose fibres such as cotton, linen and hemp. With this kit you can create many shades of red, pink, and even purple.

Included in the kit:

  • 225g Madder Root (Rubia Cordifolia)
  • 100g Eastern Brazilwood (Sappanwood)
  • 30g Cochineal bugs
  • 30g Lac Extract
  • 60ml Synthrapol (soap for scouring)
  • 500g Soda Ash
  • 100g Gallnut Tannin
  • 500g Potassium Alum Sulfate
  • The kit also comes with Maiwa's in-depth instructions.

 The value of this kit is $91

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