Organic Cotton Napkins - Set of 6 - Bounty

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Set of 6 block printed napkins - 2 of each pattern shown. A thoughtful selection of Ajrakh and Kalamkari patterns that combine beautifully, ready to adorn your table.

Ajrakh is a traditional style of block printing which uses hand-carved wooden blocks to print natural dyes on organic cotton. These Ajrakhs are made by a family that has been block printing for over nine generations - the Khatri family residing in the Kachchh desert of Gujarat, India.

The term Kalamkari is derived from "kalam" pen, and "kari" work. The original kalamkaris had fine black lines drawn with a stylus. Gradually the process evolved from using a pen to printing with hand-carved wooden blocks. Today’s kalamkaris feature the same beautiful aesthetic and motifs made with natural dyes on light backgrounds.

Part of the beauty of block printed cloth lies in the fact that each block is placed by the artisan’s hand - what is left behind is an imprint of personality and character. Slight variations are to be celebrated.

Fiber: 100% Organic Cotton

Process: Block printed by hand with natural dyes by master craftspeople in Kachchh & Andhra Pradesh, India.

Size: approx. 18" x 18" - set of 6 napkins

Care Instructions: Your textiles can be gently machine or hand washed with cool water. To protect the natural dyes you absolutely must use a pH neutral liquid detergent. Wash with similar colours.  Immediately hang to dry or tumble dry on medium heat. 

Recommended detergents: Ecos, Eucalan, Tru Earth or a mild liquid detergent no higher than pH 7

- Tru Earth must dissolve completely in water before adding garments to wash

Note: Colours may appear differently depending on monitors and lighting.

Meet the artisans.

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