Memory on Cloth by Yoshiko Wada


Shibori is infinitely more than the tie-dye that became well known in the late 1960's. Shaped-resist dyeing techniques have been done for centuries in every corner of the world. Shibori can be used not only to create patterns on cloth but to turn fabric from a two-dimensional into a three-dimensional object. The word 'shibori' is used here to refer to any process that leaves a 'memory on cloth' - a permanent record, whether of patterning or texture, of the particular forms of resist done.

Author Yoshiko Iwamoto Wada has been teaching shibori around the world for nearly thirty years, and helped to establish the World Shibori Network and the International Shibori Symposium. She co-authored in 1983 the authoritative Shibori: The Inventive Art of Japanese Shaped-Resist Dyeing, which in turn inspired many artists to add shibori processes to their repertoire.

As informative as it is inspirational, Memory on Cloth will take its place alongside Wada's earlier work, Shibori. as a definitive text that will help keep shaped-resist dyeing processes a vibrant and important form of modern art.

ISBN: 978-4770027771

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