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Marg A Magazine of the Arts - Cloth and India 1947-2015


In this Issue of Marg Magazine:

  • Chizami Weaves of Nagaland and the North East Network
  • Towards Recent Histories of Indian Textiles
  • Shaping Textile Futures: Those Who Led the Way
  • Revivalism and Revivalists
  • Textiles in India: Fashioning the Contemporary
  • The Enduring Sari and Its Metamorphosis
  • Conversations: Jasleen Dhamija, Jyotindra Jain, Ritu Kumar and Rahul Jain
  • Recipes for Re-enchantment: Natural Dyes and Dyeing
  • Trends in Embroidery
  • The Loom as Ideology: Suraiya Apa’s Legacy
  • Jadunath Supakar and Design Revival in Banaras Brocades