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Mala Jacket - Indigo - Handwoven


A medium-weight lined indigo jacket made from handwoven organic cotton with a subtle golden tussah silk check design.  Long sleeve and open front. 


  • Handwoven organic cotton & wild tussah silk
  • Lining varies between jackets - some are handwoven and some are solid
  • Thread dyed with natural indigo
  • Gentle wash with cool water and mild soap, hang to dry
  • Sewn at the Maiwa Studio in India
  • Worn here with the Liberty Tank and the Solal Pant

    A Note on Fit:
    • True to size, long sleeve, open front.

    Small:  true to size with 20"(51cm) length 

    Medium:  true to size with 21"(54cm) length 

    Large:  true to size with 21.5"(55cm) length 

     ** Lining fabric varies between each jacket - some are solid, some are handwoven**

    Note: Indigo is a friendly dye and likes to share its colour. You can expect some colour to rub off on your skin or other clothing for the first part of this garments life. Wash separately with cool water and a mild, neutral pH soap.

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