Jamdani Motif Cotton Scarf - Sand on Natural

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This superfine cotton shawl features the technique of Jamdani. First the cotton is handspun into yarn, then as the shawl is being handwoven, the artisan uses the the supplementary weft thread to create intricate design, known as Jamdani.

This cloth made entirely by hand, no power looms or industrial machinery is used. Handspun, handwoven is so much more than simply beautiful cloth. It is an idea of cultural self-sufficiency with deep roots in the Indian identity.

Process: Handspun, handwoven cotton with Jamdani embellishment. Jamdani is a traditional method creating pattern using a supplementary weft.

Fibre: 100% Cotton

Size is approx: 81 x 196 cm / 32 x 77 in

Care Instructions: Hand wash with cool water, mild pH neutral liquid soap.  Hang to dry.

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