Handstitched Indigo Shibori Quilt - Motion

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A cozy cotton quilt made from beautiful naturally dyed indigo cloth. This cotton cloth has been skillfully resist-tied (shibori) in preparation for the natural indigo vat where the blue indigo colour is produced through a number of dips. Different patterns have been pieced together and backed with hand block printed cloth. The quilt is finished with a running stitch.

Each quilt is one of a kind. 

Fibre: 100% Cotton 

Note: This is a hand tied, natural indigo dyed, pieced & hand stitched quilt. Filled with fluffy cotton batting, these unique quilts are sure to keep you cozy!

Size is approximately: 56 x 85" (142 x 215cm)

Note: Indigo is a friendly dye and likes to share its colour. You may experience a small amount of colour rub off.

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