Everything Pouch - Organic Cotton - Indigo Petite Flower


This perfect pouch has a round bottom so it can stand on its own and features drawstring ties.  Great for carrying your collections, projects and everything precious. Made with our favourite heavyweight naturally dyed organic cotton.

Fibre: 100% organic cotton heavyweight.

Process: Hand block printed & naturally dyed.

Size is approx.:  9" x 11" ( 23cm x 28 cm ) with drawstring ties.


More about the fabric...

The cloth has been hand block printed with natural dyes by skilled "Dabu" block printers in Rajasthan.  One of our favourite weights of cotton for pants, work shirts, jackets and interiors.  

The technique used in this cloth is a mud-resist known as “Dabu.” A cold-water resist, dabu is particularly effective for blocking out areas during an indigo bath. The character of dabu and the wooden blocks used to apply it, go together to create the distinctive patterns known as “dabu” prints.

Learn more about Dabu Block Printing

Note: Indigo is a friendly dye and likes to share its colour. You can expect some colour to rub off on your skin or other clothing for the first part of this garments life. Gentle wash separately with cool water and a mild, neutral pH soap, hang to dry.