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Eupatorium Extract 30g (1.1 oz)


Eupatorium – This dyestuff comes from a genus of flowering plants in the aster family. Ageratina adenophora is known by many common names, including eupatory, sticky snakeroot, and crofton weed. Eupatorium adenophorum is a synonym. There are many species of the genus Eupatorium that contain colourants; interestingly, the 1882 bulletin of the Royal Gardens, Kew, records two species known as Paraguay indigo. Eupatorium gives soft egg-yolk yellows that range into oranges. When used with an iron mordant it can be used for an earthy moss greens, when overdyed with indigo it provides a satisfying range of yellow to blue greens.

Mordanting: use alum mordant at 15% WOF for protein fibres. For cellulose mordant with tannin at 8% WOF and then alum at 15%, or alum acetate at 8%. 
Dyeing: For ground leaves use 50% WOF for a medium depth of shade. For the extract use 10% WOF. Eupatorium yields warm yellows to ochres. The addition of an iron mordant gives lovely moss greens.

For in-depth information on natural dyes see our Guide to Natural Dyes available on Also available as a Printable PDF