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DVD - Knitting Charts


Knitting charts hold the key to understanding patterns from simple to complex. Whether it’s lace, cables, shaping, colorwork, or texture, charts serve as a map of your knitting, showing you how to work stitch by stitch and row by row. Chart maven JC Briar walks you through the steps to deciphering and ultimately mastering knitting charts.

Join JC Briar on this 75-minute knitting workshop to learn how to confidently read simple to complex charts and create successful knitted projects!

You’ll knit with confidence as you learn:

  • Why knitting charts resemble knitted fabric
  • How chart symbols get their shapes
  • When to follow the key and when to use your own knowledge
  • How a chart can prevent mistakes (or help you identify them)
  • What the mysterious “no stitch” symbol really means
  • How left-handed and unconventional knitters can use charts

With in-depth and easy to understand instruction, JC Briar will have you reading charts confidently and knitting more easily than ever before. Knitting Charts: Follow the Symbols for Successful Knitting is your indispensible ke