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Calcium Acetate 1kg (2.2 lb.)


Calcium Acetate can be used to make the prized aluminum acetate (the most effective mordant for natural dyes on cellulose fibers under almost all conditions). Depending on the availability of materials in your area, it can be cost effective to make your own aluminum acetate.

Mix: 1 part calcium acetate or (sodium acetate) with 1 part Alum (potassium aluminum sulfate).

To make enough aluminum acetate to mordant 1 kilo of fabric, combine 150g calcium acetate with 150 g potassium aluminum sulfate in 3 litres of hot tap water. This homemade recipe works out to be approximately 30% the WOF.  Commercially manufactured aluminum acetate is usually used at 5-8% WOF. The higher WOF of homemade aluminum acetate is due to the density of the starting materials.