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Brooklyn Tweed Merino Wool Yarn - Peerie Fingering - Burnished


Brooklyn Tweed’s first worsted-spun fingering-weight yarn, Peerie is smooth, strong, and full of lively bounce. Made with USA-grown Merino wool, this yarn’s 4-ply construction lends luster and a polished hand to cables, lace motifs, stockinette and textured fabrics. 

Developed, sourced, processed, spun and dyed 100% in the USA.


  • 210 yards (192 meters) | 20.5 microns | 50 grams | fingering weight
  • Utah & Nevada grown Merino wool
  • Spun in Springvale, Maine.
  • Dyed in Saco, Maine.


The merino wool we source averages 20.5 microns — within the typical finewool range, and retaining the Merino-specific quirks of supreme density, high tensile strength, high crimp, and delightful springiness. Worsted-spun for a smooth hand, Peerie hits the sweet spot of being both next-to-skin soft and durable (not prone to pilling).


6¼ –8 stitches to 1"  |  Suggested Needle: 2¾-3½ mm (US 2-4)


Brooklyn Tweed recommends alternating skeins while knitting to distribute the colour evenly.


  1. Fill a sink or basin with cold water and submerge the fabric in water, gently squeezing out any air bubbles so that the piece can remain under water without being held there.
  2. Soak work for several minutes, allowing fabric to become completely saturated.
  3. Remove excess moisture by rolling your fabric between clean, dry towels with light pressure.
  4. Lay fabric flat and shape to air dry.