Block Printed Textiles of India: Imprints of Culture by Eiluned Edwards


Block Printed Textiles of India: Imprints of Culture describes how one of the subcontinent's foremost crafts has created a visual identity in India and has also been a significant source of revenue through centuries of international trade. Block prints are integral to both caste dress and modern urban style and have become a perennial favorite with Indian designers and in the global fashion market. Contemporary production and use of block prints is explained, and the social and historical roots of the craft are outlined in the book.

These textiles embody richly diverse histories shaped by trade, conquest and colonization, technological innovation and entrepreneurship. The book reflects the author's extensive field research over twenty-four years - working with block printers, block makers, dye producers, entrepreneurs, designers, government agencies, and non-governmental organizations, in museums and with private collections in India. The lavish illustration details the evolution of an ancient culture and craft.

Contents: Historical Outline of Block Printing in India -Technology, Trade and Revival; Contemporary block printing in India -Tradition, Revival and Globalisation; Contemporary Trade - Merchants, Entrepreneurs and Designers; Block making; Natural Resources - Fibers, Fabrics and Dyestuffs; Sustaining the Craft-Recent Initiatives; Indian Block Prints in Museums.

Hardcover Edition

ISBN: 978-93-85285-03-5