Bhujodi - Wool Shawl - Red & Black


A fine handwoven wool shawl from master weavers in the Kutch desert of India. This piece is made by hand stitching two woven panels together with colourful thread to make a wider shawl. Finished with hand tied pom pom tassels.  

Fibre: Merino wool.

Process:  Handwoven by master craftspeople in Kachchh, India.

Size is approx. 34" x 83"

Note: This handwoven piece is one of a kind.

Care Instructions: Hand wash in cool water. To protect the natural fabric we recommend using a pH neutral liquid detergent. Roll in a towel to remove excess water and hang to dry. 

Recommended detergents: Ecos, Eucalan, or a mild liquid detergent no higher than pH 7


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