Bengal Threads - Natural Dye Palette - Set of 4 Cotton

$40.00 $30.00

These hand spun threads are richly coloured with traditional natural dyes. The recipes have been developed by Maiwa in collaboration with master weavers in Bengal, India. We think these spools are very special and sing with possibilities. 

Fibre: 100% Cotton 33 single ply, handspun

Weight: approx 25g on each bobbin

Set of 4 Natural Dye Colours: Cutch, Madder, Marigold, Indigo 

Natural dyes mordanted with tannin and alum. Organic plant-based indigo extract with a banana vat reduction.

Set of 4 sold at a discount. Spools also sold individually.

Bengal weavers are historically famous for using the finest threads possible in their work. Maiwa works alongside village artisans to encourage longevity of skills. We collaborate to develop special cloth for our clothing and textile lines. 

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