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Bengal Silk Scarf - Aubergine

$129.95 $55.00

This exquisite bengal scarf features the technique of Jamdani. The warp is silk organza and the weft is both silk organza (which gives the transparency) and wild matka silk to create the design (and opacity).  It has been finished with a hand embroidered embellishment in the border. 

This cloth made entirely by hand, no power looms or industrial machinery is used. Hand-weave is so much more than simply beautiful cloth. It is an idea of cultural cultural self-sufficiency with deep roots in the Indian identity.

Process:  Super fine hand-woven silk with Jamdani supplementary weft design to create a stunning window in the border.  

Fibre: Fine organza silk and raw matka silk

Size is approx: 12" (30cm) x 70" (1.8m)

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