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Banjara Embroidery - Red Leather Box - Pattern 3


This is one-of-a-kind embroidery on hand stitched leather. The piece is the result of a collaboration between the Banjara embroiderers (a semi-nomadic tribe of Southern India) and the Jawaja Leatherworkers.

Banjara Embroidery deploys one of the largest stitch vocabularies of any cultural group. Fully committed to strong bold patterns, most motifs are based on a geometry of nested and altered squares. Both mirrors and motifs have auspicious power and are believed to offer protection from harm.

Size is approx. 16 x 16cm /  6.5 x 6.5", 10cm / 4" tall

Features: Structured leather box hand stitched and decorated with hand stitched embroidery.  The perfect place to keep your treasures safe and sound. 

Note: The Banjara embroidery pieces are one of a kind.

Meet the Banjara Embroidery Artisans.
Meet the Jawaja Leatherworkers.