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Banjara Embroidery - Raw Large - Pattern 3


This is a one of a kind embroidery by the Banjara, a semi-nomadic tribe of Southern India.  

Banjara Embroidery deploys one of the largest stitch vocabularies of any cultural group. Fully committed to strong bold patterns, most motifs are based on a geometry of nested and altered squares. Both mirrors and motifs have auspicious power and are believed to offer protection from harm.

The designs are bold and immediate. The lines and shapes have strength of personality that permits them to wander over the surface of a work without diminishing their distinctive character. Stitch work alludes to symmetry without being symmetric and manages to incorporate geometric principles only loosely.

Size is approx.  30cm x 30cm / 12" x 12"

Features: Banjara embroidery in its simplest form.  A raw embroidery where the backside can be admired as much as the front!  Look at all that work!  Can use as a wall hanging, a table centre, to cherish and to learn from.

Note: The Banjara embroidery pieces are one of a kind.

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