Bandhani Shawl - Cotton - Starry Night


The distinguishable design of bandhani (a tied resist in India, also known as shibori in other regions) is a sign of tradition & technique; featuring incredible precision and patience. To attain the exquisite bandhani design, the artisans mark the cloth and then tie off all the small peaks before dyeing.

Soft and versatile, a beautiful accessory to an outfit and can also be used as a wall hanging, table cloth or small throw.

Fibre: 100% Cotton - handspun and handwoven. 

Process: Hand-tied and dyed with natural indigo.

Size is approx. 38" x 85" ( 97cm x 216cm )


  • Exquisite hand work.
  • Indigo dyed.
  • Twisted tassels to finish.


Care Instructions: Care depends on individual preference. If you wish to retain the sculptured nature it is absolutely necessary to dry clean only and do not press. If the texture is not essential hand wash in cool water with a mild neutral liquid soap. Roll in a towel to remove excess moisture and hang to dry.



Maiwa works in collaboration with village artisans to encourage longevity of the ancient art and also commissions pieces and materials that can be made in no other way.