Addi Flip Stix - Premium Double Pointed Knitting Needles - Various Sizes

$25.00 $12.50
Choose Needle Length:
6" (15cm)
8" (20cm)
9" (23cm)
Choose Needle Width:
4.0mm (US 6)
5.5mm (US 9)
2.0mm (US 0)
3.75mm (US 5)
4.5mm (US 7)
6.0mm (US 10)


Addi Flip Stix are premium double pointed needles. They are made with featherlight hollow anodized aluminium. These double-pointed needles come in a funky multi-coloured set. A unique development, with patent pending, is to have on each needle one standard tip and one fine point (for lace stitches or where precise handling is preferred). You can choose which end of the needles you would like to use.

Length: Select from the drop down menu.

6" (15cm)

8" (20cm)

Width: Sizes range from 2.0mm to 7.0mm - select size from the drop down menu.

Price points vary by needle size:
  • $22.00 Range 3.0mm-3.5mm
  • $25.00 Range 3.75mm-5.5mm

Addi needles are guaranteed by the manufacturer.

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