These professional quality dry powder dyes give jewel-like, vibrant colours which are light and washfast on silk, wool, nylon, and fur. The different Telana colours have almost identical dyeing properties, making colour mixing a simple process. They are concentrated and have almost total dye bath exhaustion, therefore an economical dye for production artists. One ounce of dye (approx. 30 g) will dye 5 to 7 pounds (approx. 2 to 3 kilos) of fiber a medium to deep shade of colour. Pale shades require much less dye.

Telana Dye may seem slightly complicated but it is well worth the effort - there is no other synthetic dye for protein fibers that give such rich colours with such a high light and wash fastness.

TECHNIQUES: high temperature immersion for yarns, fibers and fabric, direct application, paste resist.

To dye with Telana dyes you will also need regular white vinegar as a fixative,Glauber's salt as a leveler, sodium acetate as a pH buffer to maintain acidity throughout the entire dyeing process and Telana Set (listed at the bottom of the page) an additional aid to getting smooth, solid colours.

Always test dye a sample. See our Telana Dye Data Sheet for full instructions.