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Kachchh Embroidery - Clutch - Node - Autumnal


This pouch makes a great clutch bag, an art supply organizer, or a keeper of special items. Every piece is a little work of art!

The Node community are Muslim and are found primarily in the grasslands of Kachchh, India - however some also live in Sindh, Pakistan.  The Node are a community of cattle breeders and farmers and are most often landless. The women in the community are highly skilled embroiderers and embroidery is an integral part of their lives. Their work contains an abundance of floral designs and their stitches are strong, bold and often layered, creating a three dimensional shape to their work. 

These embroideries bring the richness of desert cultures into your hands — heirlooms for the future. Each embroidery is a unique expression of the woman who made it. No two are the same.

Size is approx. 4.5" x 9"

Features: Double-sided traditional embroidery, zipper closure along top, with an inner zip pocket. 

Note: Each embroidery piece is one of a kind.

*Embroidery varies - you will receive one of the two pieces shown in the last image.


The language of stitches builds within a community over hundreds of years. It is a source of identity that is transferred from one generation to the next. It is learned in the same way a spoken language is learned; with children sitting beside the adults. In an oral culture the stitched language records everything of importance from the epic to the personal.

Maiwa works with embroiderers through many co-operative structures within India. The women embroider, design, market and innovate as entrepreneur artisans. The goal is financial self-determination and empowerment through education and a clear sense of the value of their work.

Meet the Artisans.

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