Handstitched Appliqué - Translucent - Single/Twin - Lotus


This intricate handstitched appliqué has a luminous quality when the light pours through it. It is made by using two layers of white cotton - a medium weight layer that the design is cut into and stitched on a fine lightweight layer, creating elegant translucent designsThis textile comes to life in a home when used as a wall hanging, window covering, bedspread, table cover, or whatever else you can imagine.

Created by village artisans in India in partnership with Maiwa Handprints.

Fibre: 100% Cotton.

Process: Handstitched appliqué textile.

Size: Single/Twin - approx. 60" x 90"


Care Instructions: Your textile can be hand washed with cool water and a gentle eco-friendly soap or detergent. Roll in a towel to remove excess water and hang to dry. 

Recommended detergents: Ecos, Eucalan, Tru Earth or a mild liquid detergent no higher than pH 7

- Tru Earth must dissolve completely in water before adding garments to wash.