Fabric - Handwoven Wild Silk - Tussar & Cotton - White Warp


The handspun wild tussar silk is woven in a herringbone twill weave structure with a black cotton warp. Tussar is a wild silk from a moth that lives in oak and jamun forests in India and South Asia.  It has a very different look from traditional bombyx mori silk. The leaves the caterpillar eats gives tussah its natural golden colour.  It is hearty with a dreamy golden lustre. The cloth has the tussar predominantly on one side and is anchored by the white cotton on the reverse. We love how this fabric drapes. This makes this yardage ideal for garments.

Approx. 45" wide (115cm) - price point per metre 100cm (39")

Fibre Type: 60% Silk Tussar / 40% Cotton.

All fabric sold by the metre is Final Sale.