Bengal Indigo & Gold Scarf - Light Indigo


This stunning cotton & gold shawl is handwoven and then hand embroidered throughout. It is pure magic!  The colour combination of the indigo and gold compliment each other perfectly and the gold plated threads catch the light and give an elegant glint of shimmer.  

This cloth is made entirely by hand - no power looms or industrial machinery is used. Handwoven is so much more than simply beautiful cloth - it is an idea of cultural cultural self-sufficiency with deep roots in the Indian identity.

Process: Handwoven & hand-embroidered by master artisans in Bengal, India

Fibre: 60% Indigo dyed organic cotton & 40% Gold plated thread

Size is approx: 35" x 72”

Care Instructions: Hand wash with cool water, mild pH neutral liquid soap.  Hang to dry.

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