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Baby Clothes

Our baby clothes will be returning soon!  We are busy making more of these special small garments.  Please join our mailing list to be the first to know when they return.
This is a very limited collection of baby clothes for young ones between 1 and 18 months old. Made with our favourite cloth Ikat and Bengal hand weaves in organic cotton using natural dyes on natural fibres.

The story behind the baby clothes...

We like to think that baby clothes give us a chance to work with ideas about the future. You think a lot about the future when you hold a young one in your arms. These clothes are made to endure while also supporting a culture of craft and making. They are made to support organic cotton growers and hand weavers, natural dyers and ikat artisans.

In 2019 Maiwa designer Sophena Kwon had her own child. For Sophena, this was the inspiration of a small line of baby clothes. She has designed these with care and passion to be everything that she wished she could find in baby clothing. They combine Maiwa's commitment to artisans with clothing that is as thoughtful and as long lasting as we can make it.