Shimla Coat - Linen - Forest


A long, elegant coat. Draped collar with curved hem. The back waist cinches with an inner drawstring to create shape. Impeccably sewn from beautiful twill woven linen which features two shades of colour - one seen on the outside of the coat and one on the inside.


  • 100% heavy weight linen twill.
  • Naturally dyed.
  • Open draping neckline.
  • Hidden drawstring at back of coat.
  • Side pockets.
  • Sewn at the Maiwa Studio in India.
  • Worn with the Santara top and Makai Pant.

    A Note on Fit:

    • Fits true to size through the shoulders.
    • Adjustable waist at back.


    Small: Bust up to 36" / hip up to 42" / 15.5" shoulder to shoulder / length 41" at back.

    Medium: Bust up to 40" / hip up to 46" / 16" shoulder to shoulder / length 41" at back.

    Large: Bust up to 44" / hip up to 48" / 16.5" shoulder to shoulder / length 42" at back.

    Model: Sacha is 5' 11" bust: 33", waist: 29", hip: 39" wearing a size medium.


    Care Instructions: Your garment can be gently machined or hand washed with cool water. To protect the natural dyes and natural fabric you absolutely must use a pH neutral liquid detergent. Wash with similar colours.  Immediately hang to dry or tumble dry on medium heat. 

    Some natural dyes are sensitive to citrus.

    Recommended detergents: Ecos, Eucalan, Tru Earth or a mild liquid detergent no higher than pH 7

    - Tru Earth must dissolve completely in water before adding garments to wash


    Comfortable, versatile clothing that celebrates natural fibres, natural dyes and hand weaves. Feels great against your skin, while looking effortless and stylish at home or out in the world.